History of the Transkei

During the South African Apartheid regime, the Transkei was declared a ‘country of its own’, a homeland to the Xhosa people. Since the Apartheid regime was abolished, the Transkei has once again become part of South Africa, but it still remains as an authentic African home land that is also, quite interestingly, a kingdom.

Many of South Africa’s notable activists and politicians have roots in the Transkei, including Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani, to name a few. As you travel around South Africa you will notice important places like airports and universities named after these influential people.

The local Xhosa culture is wealthy in the Transkei. The people live off the land and the ocean. The people on the Transkei still live by largely by respect and if you are aware and have a sense of primal decorum, you will be humbly accepted by these lands and their people

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