Diving and Snorkeling

Under the sea, and among the rocks, you will find a plectora of sea life. When you look very closely, you will notice that the true beauty of the Transkei is hidden in the crevices of the coastline.

Staying at sugarloaf gives you direct access to gear and information surrounding the underwater life that thrives along the wild coast.

You could come across Crayfish which hide in underwater caves, or the magical looking, deathly lionfish who can be found in the rock pools. There are starfish of all shapes and sizes and let’s not forget the ‘lekker’ cob which hunts the little multi coloured tropical fish off the points.

Have no fear, but only a taste for adventure. Whether you have never dived or you are an aqua – machine, we have the coast and equipment for you to have a relaxing and intriguing holiday in the warm water of the Wild Coast.

By Tshezi Activities