By Tshezi

History of the Transkei

During the South African Apartheid regime, the Transkei was declared a ‘country of its own’, a homeland to the Xhosa people. Since the Apartheid regime was abolished, the Transkei has once again become part of South Africa, but it still remains as an authentic African home land that is also, quite interestingly, a kingdom. Many …

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By Tshezi


Where cows, chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and horses cause traffic, it’s difficult not to take your time. Coffee Bay is the tourism hub of the gorgeous Transkei and the perfect place for you to unwind. The vast open space and relaxing mood is what makes the Transkei so very special. When you visit us at …

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By Tshezi

Diving and Snorkeling

Under the sea, and among the rocks, you will find a plectora of sea life. When you look very closely, you will notice that the true beauty of the Transkei is hidden in the crevices of the coastline. Staying at sugarloaf gives you direct access to gear and information surrounding the underwater life that thrives …

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By Tshezi


Available on request. Please enquire at the office. Catch your dinner with our experienced fishing guides, taste the traditional kob, line fish and try your hand at catching a succulent crayfish or two, perfect for the braai. Our fishing guides have years of experience and will show you the best spots to sink your lines. …

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By Tshezi


Surf’s up and the Coffee is hot. The sun is rising, you can hear the waves breaking from your bed. Pinks, oranges and yellows light up the sky. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the waves roll down Coffee Bay point. Let your hair down, you’re on the Wild Coast. Coffee Bay main …

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By Tshezi

Sweets. Sweets. Sweets.

Sweets. Sweets. Sweets. As you drive through the rolling hills of the Transkei, this is a chant you will hear on a regular basis. As a tourist in a vehicle you have morphed into some sort of “Willy Wonkas’ magical sweet cart cruising through the villages on a rainbow. The kids will stream towards your …

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