Where cows, chickens, goats, pigs, donkeys and horses cause traffic, it’s difficult not to take your time. Coffee Bay is the tourism hub of the gorgeous Transkei and the perfect place for you to unwind. The vast open space and relaxing mood is what makes the Transkei so very special. When you visit us at Sugarloaf backpackers there is a number of leisure activities you can take part in.

Coffee Bay beach!

Head out of our gate, over the road and past the Coffee Bay campsite, which is a beautiful Milkwood forest, and you’ll amble across the Mnenga river onto Coffee Bay’s main beach.This beautiful stretch of beach is laid between Mapuzi cliffs and the Sugarloaf hill -This is where our name comes from :). At low tide this beach becomes a a ground for jogging, cart-wheels, yoga, soccer, volley ball and more.



By Tshezi Activities